FakeAdvisor - The Antivirus of Social Media

Fake reviews on social media and review sites are becoming a challenge to handle every day!

Review sites and number of social media sites are fighting the battle every day to keep trolls and fake reviews off of their site. With the best intentions, the efforts only go so far! Fake reviews are a menace and they need to be controlled - BUT HOW?

We believe fake reviews and fake profiles are like a virus in Social Media today. They can not only result in an unpleasant experience for the user due to fake reviews, it is costing millions of dollars to businesses that struggle every day; Small businesses that feel the brunt the most due to the inflated reputation management budgets.

We created FakeAdvisor - World's first Antivirus for Social Media focused on weeding out fake reviews.

Our complex algorithms combined with the human touch work around the clock in different parts of the world to weed out these fake profiles from different social media sites.

We have a special for businesses interested in protecting their reputation!

We know some people can do anything to bring down the competition. The reality is that competition is good! Yes its good as long as it is FAIR!

We know there are people out there that promote their clients on social media for a fee and put fake reviews online! We won't be surprised if they do it for us :)

As an initial launch offer we are offering FakeAdvisor Shield to businesses that will protect them from fake reviews. It is a great service to support people that may be getting hurt by fake reviews.

Join today to fight the battle against Fake Reviews! Join FakeAdvisor.